• John Curtin College of the Arts, Year 7 Teaching Facility
    John Curtin College of the Arts, Year 7 Teaching Facility
    John Curtin College of the Arts, Year 7 Teaching Facility

    This project represents the first step in the future evolution of the JohnCurtinCollege of the Arts campus and will provide for the accommodation of Year 7 students within the campus for the beginning of the 2015 academic year in line with Government policy.

    The site for this building is located on a steeply sloping Western side of the JCCA site with outstanding views over Fremantle and the Indian Ocean beyond. In its first iteration the building design will accommodate a series of general learning areas, two science laboratories, a series of dance facilities (to be converted to Science in the future) as well as staff facilities. Once the full redevelopment of the school has been completed in the future, this building will be converted to provide a full science precinct for the school along with a suite of GLA’s and associated staff facilities.

    Integral to the design of this building is its establishment of accessible and student orientated connections to a number of site levels while being mindful of the future development of building and a music and dance facility. In order to maximize the value of space, due to the site gradient and the density of current building stock, this two storey building also creates usable and attractive north facing courtyards and decked verandahs ensuring accessibility and creating a valuable urban student environment.

    The west is typified by the extraordinary views of Fremantle which are captured throughout through the large windows protected by an integrated public art sunshading screen that wraps around the building.

    The building is based on a simple 8.0m structural grid to avoid transfer slabs and sense an efficient structural steel solution. Mass retaining walls have been avoided throughout for reasons of cost but most of all waterproofing and avoiding excavation in an area which is known to have large areas of limestone. This initial strategy has in itself provided the opportunity to create the inviting north facing courtyards.

    The simple building framework is brought to life by the wonderful screen, developed in conjunction with the project public artists Dawn and Philip Gamblen which wraps itself around the building as well as providing the imprint to precast concrete cladding panels.


    John Curtin College of the Arts, Year 7 Teaching Facility